My Commitment to You

A Commitment to Customer Service   

A visit to the courthouse can be stressful. There’s the hassle of going through a security checkpoint, followed by the
uncertainty of where to go, who to speak to and what to ask for. Then sometimes confusion when you’re presented with
an application form or court document written in dense “legalese.”

Not everyone’s a lawyer, and no matter who you are, or why you’re visiting our courthouse, you should feel respected
and have confidence that everyone in the Clerk’s Office is committed to serving your needs.

My pledge – I will ALWAYS work for you.  I will constantly seek improvements in the way the Clerk’s Office runs, so its customers – YOU – get the best service possible.

For starters – more resources should be available online. The Clerk’s Office needs a robust website with important information, forms, and F.AQ.s written in plain English. More resources online would mean more customers could get what they need without the hassle of a physical trip to the courthouse.

The Clerk’s Office should also join other courthouses in accepting payments by credit card and over the phone. If elected, I will make this a priority.

A Commitment to Legal Professionals and Officers of the Court

I pledge to move quickly to take the courthouse digital. The Supreme Court of Virginia’s Case Imaging System (CIS) allows for digital civil and criminal case files in place of paper files. Many Circuit Courts across Virginia are already using this system. For Courthouses that utilize CIS, lawyers and their staff, as well as government agencies can sign up for Officer of the Court Remote Access (OCRA) to retrieve case documents online. Moving to a digitized case file system is a major undertaking, but the citizens of Rockbridge County & Lexington deserve a state of the art courthouse.

A Commitment to Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are called on to testify in nearly every criminal case, and numerous court appearances can wreak havoc on officers’ already busy work schedules. If elected, I pledge to address this source of frustration by working with the Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Office, the Lexington Police Department, Virginia State Police and our Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to develop a centralized online witness availability calendar.

A Commitment to Keep Politics out of the Courthouse

I am running as the Democratic candidate for Rockbridge County Clerk of Court. I am doing so because I am a lifelong Democrat, and I believe voters should have a sense of my personal values. However, I do not believe that partisan politics has any place in our courthouse. I pledge that if elected, you will be treated with fairness and respect at the Clerk’s Office regardless of your political affiliation, religion, gender, race, creed, orientation or nationality.