About the Clerk’s Office

About the Clerk’s Office

The Office of Clerk of the Circuit Court was created in 1619 by the Virginia House of Burgesses and later memorialized in Article VII of the Virginia Constitution.

From colonial days to now, the duties of this office have evolved and expanded. In fact, the Code of Virginia now lists over 800 specific responsibilities and duties for Virginia Circuit Clerks.

It’s a big job, and to give you some perspective, right here in Rockbridge County over the course of a year the Clerk’s Office…

  • Records over 4,000 land transactions
  • Dockets over 1,500 judgements
  • Handles 300 civil cases
  • Handles 1,400 criminal cases
  • Probates over 200 wills and appoints personal representatives
  • Issues hunting & fishing licenses, marriage licenses, concealed gun permits, etc.

The Clerk also swears in juries and administers the oath of office for law enforcement officers, local elected officials and notary publics.